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How can I tell if I have a slow water leak in my house?

How can I tell if I have a slow water leak in my house?

The water isthe source of life, but there is another edge for the sword that can hurtanyone. When there is a water leak, the place where the leak happens to getdamaged and several signs will appear on it that tell you about the leakunderneath. What are these signs?

1.     Discolorations

2.     Bubbles in thepaint and wallpapers

3.     Weak drippingsound

4.     Unpleasant mustysmell

Note thatthe leaks are not always because of the plumbing system; the roof may leak duringheavy rain and the windows. But, it is agreed that the leaks must be treatedonce they occur because when the amount of water increases, it will causedamages to the home.

What todo when spotting a plumbing leak?

Simply, calla plumber to make a general check on the plumbing system and spot the leaksource, then start repairing or installing a new part when needed.

One of theunexpected signs of a water leak that may be strange, but works most of thetime, is the high water bills. Keep your eye on the water consumption and trackthe differences in the cost of every bill; if it goes higher and yourconsumption is the same, then there is something that happens.

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