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Does Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repair?

Does Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repair?

Home insurance covers only certain damage to sewer pipes. Sewer backups are separate policies and are not usually covered by home insurance. Where the damage is and how it is broken determine whether it can be covered or not.

Anything in a property, including the sewage system that runs under it, is considered the “other structure” of the house. It usually provides the same protection as the house. If a city’s main sewer line is damaged, the city usually pays for the repair. Damage must be sudden and unexpected (e.g. lightning or fire). A sewer pipe on your property is still referred to as “another structure” placed like a barn or fence.

What is the insurance budget for the sewer line?

Standard home insurance policies often limit “other relief” coverage to 10% of the amount your home covers if you have insurance. If you need to replace your sewer pipe, check your policy to see if the cost is covered. Sewer replacements typically cost between $3,000 and $4,000.

What cases are not covered by insurance?

Natural causes like earthquakes and hurricanes is not covered by standard home insurance. Flood insurance is usually purchased separately. Sewer backups are separate policies and are not usually covered by home insurance.

Do not drain grease or oil down the drain. When plumbing hardens, it can cause massive blockages. If you have a basement drain pump, make sure it is working properly. Remove any trees or bushes that may be encroaching on your lane (make sure the city is okay before removing). Take good care of your sewers, so you don’t have to deal with your insurance company. Inspect your plumbing regularly using a security camera.

What else is not normally covered?

• Clogs due to poor maintenance

• Bad design

• Preventable errors

• Root penetration

• Wear over time

• Look for obvious signs and detect sewer problems before they occur.

• Sewer odor.

• Drainage is slow, and pipes are clogged.

• Mold on walls or floors.

• Extra green grass and improved growth.

• There is a crack in the foundation.

• Infection by rodents (rat and mouse).

• Insect infestations (cockroaches, palm beetles and flies).

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Fix your sewer problems before they get worse.

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